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Turkey has existed in many forms for the longest time and always as a bridge between two worlds. The modern, progressive west of Europe and the exotic, traditional and mystical Asia to the east.

Today it yearns for progress and a place in the modern world yet away from the cities it seeks to maintain its historical roots and identifies more with quiet rural life and the joy of a shared community.  It is an intoxicating and challenging destination one that all travellers should experience 


Turkey is country of contrasts. Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city with a blend of 21st century modern buildings, restaurants and cafes as well as a sprinkling of traditional spice markets and magical emporiums deep down in the grottos of the Grand Bazaar. 

Once you leave this pulsating metropolis you will find a country brimming with ancient archaeological sites and landscapes that defy logic.  From the stunning ancient Mosques to the cobbled grandeur of Ephesus. From the moonlike terrain of Cappadocia to the stark beauty of the rarely visited Black Sea. Rarely will you enjoy the opportunity to swim amongst Roman ruins in the thermal warmth of natural hot springs. 

As you get to know Turkey you will begin to understand that this multifaceted nation has even more to offer than you had ever hoped to experience.

14 Day Itinerary
Departure:6th October 2024(Sunday to Saturday)


Day 1 - Istanbul – Arrival day
Arrival day (no activities planned) however we will have a group meeting then enjoy dinner in one of favourite local restaurants
Day 2 - Istanbul
Explore this amazing and historical city taking many of the famous sites. Visit the Roman Hippodrome then the Topkapi Palace Museum, home to Ottoman Sultans for centuries with its priceless collection of jewellery, porcelain and costumes. After lunch visit the enormous mass of Hagia Sophia, for over nine centuries the centre of the Eastern Orthodox Church. It contains some of the finest surviving Byzantine mosaics. Early evening we plan to taste delicious Istanbul street food and discover the colourful Kadikoy market on Asian side of the city giving us a glimpse into the daily lives of Istanbulites. We enjoy some of the world famous Çiya Restaurant's food during to complete the day
Day 3 - Istanbul
A fun and interactive cooking experience is planned today. We are introduced to typical ingredients used in Turkish Cuisine and learn how to prepare a number of dishes. We will discover some basic cooking techniques and best of all is taste our own creations accompanied by Turkish wines. In the afternoon we visit the beautiful Blue Mosque with its six minarets and interior Iznik wall tiles. Then on the Basilica Cistern with several hundred ancient cisterns lying beneath the city. We cap off the day with time in the legendary Grand Bazaar and a walk through the Spice Bazaar surrounded by the multi-coloured pyramids of spices and sweets
Day 4 - Istanbul to Çanakkale (via Gallipoli)
A morning drive westward to the Gallipoli peninsula to visit poignant and historic World War I battlefields. We take time in ANZAC Cove, Ari Burnu Cemetery, the Lone Pine Australian Memorial, Johnston’s Jolly (Turkish and Allied trenches and tunnels) and the Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial. A memorable yet moving day. We cross the narrow strait of the Dardanelles to enjoy dinner on the waterfront and stay in the small town of Çanakkale
Day 5 - Çanakkale to Kusadasi
Step back in time on a visit to Troy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home of the famed battle of Troy and the Trojan Horse. We walk amongst the city's ancient ruins and make a connection with Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. We continue on to Pergamum, an ancient Greek city and visit the magnificent acropolis whose impressive temples and library made Pergamum a renowned cultural and political centre in its time. We move on to our base for two nights in the coastal town of Kusadasi
Day 6 - Kusadasi (Ephesus)
We have a full day planned to Ephesus, one of the best preserved Greco-Roman cities in Asia Minor. A major centre of St. Paul’s missionary activity, it was also the home of the Temple and cult of the goddess Artemis. The temple is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. We visit the impressive Library of Celcus, the great theatre seating over 25.000 people, the Temple of Hadrian, the Marble Street and the elegant Roman villas with their mosaics and wall painting. We also plan to visit the ancient Basilica of St. Mary where the third Ecumenical Council was held. The House of Virgin Mary, where according to tradition she spent her last years, is also on agenda. Finally we will enjoy the museum of Ephesus and ruins of the Basilica of St. John
Day 7 - Kusadasi to Pamukkale
We leave the coast on a short drive inland to the delightful “frozen waterfalls” and healing hot mineral springs of Pamukkale. This was an ancient health resort for the Romans. En route we explore the remains of Aphrodisias, the city dedicated to the goddess of love and home to a Roman school of sculpture. We will visit the Temple of Aphrodite and one of the finest ancient stadiums ever built. Finally we visit Hierapolis to view the distinctive limestone travertines created over the millennia and the large Roman bath
Day 8 - Pamukkale to Cappadocia
We have a long travel day today and break it up with a stop en route in Konya. Here we visit Mevlana’s Mausoleum, resting place of the great mystic poet and Islamic spiritual leader who founded the sect of “Whirling Dervishes”. Known also as Rumî his poetic message of peace, love of God and one's fellow creatures, resounds to a far wider audience today than it did over 700 years ago. He preached and whirled in ecstasy through the streets here and Muslim and non-Muslim pilgrims come from all over the world to visit his tomb. We have time to enjoy the 13th century Seljuk caravanserai “Sultanhan” built between 1229-1236 at a lonely point on the ancient Silk Road by Seljuk Turkish Sultan Alaettin Keykubad I as a caravan way-station. Onwards for a late afternoon arrival into Cappadocia
Day 9 - Cappadocia
Justifiably famous for its lunar landscape with underground cities carved by wind and rain from soft volcanic tuff or pumice like stone. Byzantine Christians carved churches into rock in Cappadocia and sheltered themselves from the armies of the Abbasid Caliphate in cities descending hundreds of feet below the earth. Carved in the porous rock and lavishly decorated with frescoes, many of these 9th and 11th century art works still remain. We visit the stunning rock formations in the Devrent Valley then the Pasabag hermitages hollowed out of volcanic rock formations. Journeying on through the magical valley of Goreme we will see fairy chimneys and early Byzantine Churches such as the Karanlik Kilise (the Dark Church). A truly remarkable and memorable day
Day 10 - Cappadocia to Samsun (via Amasya)
We depart north and arrive into Amasya which was the birth place of the famous geographer Strabo. Our first stop is the Hellenistic tombs cut from the cliff. We have time in the old town and see the Sultan Beyazit Kulliyesi, a huge Islamic Mosque which dates from 1486. We depart for Samsun a coastal town on the Black Sea coast
Day 11 - Samsun
We have a sightseeing day planned in Samsun which includes the Gogceli Mosque, Gazi Museum, the Replica of SS Bandirma, and a gondola up to Amisos Hill where we can enjoy lunch. The afternoon will be free to visit the beaches on the Black Sea or explore the city. We may choose to enjoy an afternoon boat cruise on the “Samsunum”
Day 12 - Samsun to Safranbolu
A morning drive to the interesting town of Safranbolu which derives its name from saffron grown and traded in the region for many years. We are here to enjoy the rustic charm of Ottoman style houses and find perfect examples throughout the town. Most of these Ottoman houses are two or three stories, with 6 to 9 rooms. Walking the streets we find every house is distinctive and most are freshly restored. Many of these houses are open to the public or have been transformed into hotels, shops and museums. We plan to spend the night in one of these. Safranbolu was placed in the world Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO in 1994 due to its well-preserved Ottoman era houses and architecture
Day 13 - Safranbolu to Istanbul
We have a morning drive west to the amazing city of Istanbul where will have time for last minute shopping in the Grand Bazaar and a final dinner in the old city centre
Day 14 - depart Istanbul
Departure day

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