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Magical Madagascar

Madagascar is a destination unlike any other.  The combination of distinctive Fauna and Flora and the rich culture that has emerged within the population creates a fascinating travel experience

Situated in the western Indian Ocean its isolation has resulted in the emergence of a diverse range of life unique in its evolution.  The wide array of mammals, including the curios Lemur, is accompanied by entire families of birds and almost 400 kinds of reptiles.  There are 8 plant families endemic to the island.  Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot with over 90% of its wildlife found nowhere else on Earth.  The landscape is just as varied with regions of forests, wetlands, deserts and mangrove systems.

The local population is equally diverse with the original human Austronesian inhabitants arriving by canoe from Borneo far to the east around 350BC.  They were joined later by African Bantu migrants crossing the Mozambique Channel.  A variety of other groups have settled on Madagascar over time and made contributions to Malagasy cultural life.

Journey with us to this remote magical land and discover its uniqueness with us

13 Day Itinerary
Departure:25th May 2025(Sunday to Friday)
Day 1 - Arrive Antananarivo (Tana)
Arrival day and we will have a group meeting before dinner tonight
Day 2 - Antananarivo to Antsirabe
We enjoy a morning exploration of the city commonly known as Tana. After visiting the old market place we see the ‘Rova of Antananarivo’ or Queen’s Palace and take in the serenity at the Anosy Lake and Monument aux Morts on the island in the lake centre. We then have an afternoon drive through the beautiful highland landscapes on the way to Antsirabe
Day 3 - Antsirabe
We have a morning in the town and enjoy a ride on a local ‘pousse-pousse’ to savour the atmosphere. We also have an opportunity to visit the local market and pop into the interesting craft workshops in the town. Dinner provides an opportunity to taste the rich local beef known as “Zebu”
Day 4 - Antsirabe to Ranomafana
Our leisurely morning drive south is broken up by lunch and a chance to enjoy a performance of folk dance and music in Ambositra. Our lodgings in the Ranomafana National Park are perfectly located to explore the forest. We plan a night walk and hope to encounter the mouse Lemurs, chameleons and endemic frogs that inhabit the area
Day 5 - Ranomafana to Isalo National Park
This morning we drive to Fianarantsoa and walk through the old town. In 2008 the city was placed on the Watch List of the 100 Most Endangered Sites because many of the buildings in the old town are in dire need of repair. However most of the repairs are relatively easy and it is hoped the listing will attract attention for the necessary funding. This afternoon we stop in at the small but very interesting Anja ‘Community’ Reserve. Here there are ring tailed Lemurs as well as caves, landscape vistas and viewpoints. Driving on we arrive in our delightful accommodation in the park. If we are lucky we can enjoy sunset at the naturally created “Window of the Isalo”
Day 6 - Isalo National Park
We have a full day planned exploring the park. Packing a picnic lunch we enjoy a loop tour including a natural swimming pool and the Namaza Canyon. There are waterfalls, canyons and a landscape of coloured Jurassic sandstones. Plenty of natural wildlife to observe and enjoy as well. A wonderful day in nature’s pristine paradise
Day 7 - Isalo National Park
Another fantastic day of exploration combined with some time to relax in the national park. We journey to the Maki Canyon and can swim in what some say is ‘The Best Swimming Pool in the World’. We also see the Rat Canyons (named for the presence of Giant Jumping Rats). The landscapes here are stunningly unforgettable. We return to in the afternoon and can enjoy relaxation or a swim in the pool
Day 8 - Isalo National Park to Ifaty
Heading west from Isalo we first stop at the remarkable Zombitse Forest National Park. Here we will see the deciduous dry forest as well as Baobabs and Lemurs of many varieties. Journeying on we visit the port town of Tulear which is a hub for export of commodities such as soap, hemp, cotton, rice, and peanuts. A short drive up the coast to our beachside haven at Ifaty
Day 9 - Ifaty
This morning we visit Reniala Private Reserve which is a small protected area of only 60 hectares. Reniala means baobab in Malagasy and here we can find thousands of plant species as well as some incredible baobabs, such as the rhino and teapot baobab. There are also some very interesting locally endemic birds. Returning to our beach sanctuary we can relax and take in the evening sunset over the water
Day 10 - Ifaty to Andasibe (via Tana)
We transfer to Tulear for a short flight back to Tana. We then head east and visit ‘Madagascar Exotic’ a small park with the objective of preserving several species of chameleons and reptiles. Two kinds of lemurs can also be seen here as well as frogs and geckos. On arrival in Andasibe there is an optional night walk to locate mouse lemurs, frogs and other night fauna. Our accommodation is in a beautiful forest lodge
Day 11 - Andasibe
This morning we take a walk in the Special Reserve of Andasibe to search for the unique Indri as well as other lemurs, birds and orchids. After lunch we take dugout canoes to visit the Island of Lemurs with many species to observe. We are up close and personal here with an excellent opportunity for photographers. Back to base for an evening in the lodge
Day 12 - Andasibe to Antananarivo
We enjoy a morning visit to the Analamazaotra Reserve where we hope to find Indris and other species of Lemurs as well as exotic birdlife. Returning to Tana we hope to have time for some final exploration of the city before our last dinner together in this amazing destination of Madagascar
Day 13 - Depart Antananarivo
Tour ends and you can depart any time today

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Double EUR€100
Arrival Airport Transfer:EUR€40Details
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