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Crete - A Joy to Behold

Crete is Greece's largest island and encompasses beautiful sandy beaches and exhilarating mountains. The capital Heraklion exhibits a plethora of historical sites such as the Palace of Knossos and the world famous Archaeological Museum which houses Minoan artefacts. It is an often overlooked and seldom enjoyed paradise for the curious traveller. Crete will surprise and tantalise you

The island is resplendent with monuments ancient and modern such as Bronze age, Greek and Venetian histories all working to reflect the ancient civilizations that ruled the Mediterranean for eons. Crete was important battleground in the Second World War as well. We take in all there is to offer including the distinctive cuisine and ever present vibrant dances that have been passed down through the ages. And after all of that why not a dip in the turquoise waters of the ‘true’ Mediterranean

What People Are Saying

"Crete is a gem in the Aegean Sea. It’s the best that Greece has to offer, and more. Fiercely independent the people are welcoming and warm, readily keen to share their life (and food!) with you. It’s a destination where you can get lost in the laid back vibe enjoying the sun, the water, the fetta and the olives. I’m heading back as soon as I can."
Susan Johnson, Australia

6 Day Itinerary
Departure:26th September 2024(Thursday to Tuesday)


Day 1 - arrive Heraklion
We arrive early afternoon in Heraklion the capital of Crete Greece’s largest island and check into our base for our stay in this bustling port town. On arrival we will enjoy a guided walking tour of the city centre and then head out for our first meal. The dakos salad is a speciality as well as the Cretan cheese pies
Day 2 - Heraklion (Knossos)
We step back in time today during a visit to the famous archaeological site of Knossos. It was once the capital of the Minoan civilization the city’s ruins conjure up images of ancient Greece as it once was. Enjoy a guided tour through the remains of a palace, courtyards, baths and private apartments. According to tradition it was the seat of the legendary King Minos and the Palace is also connected with the legends of the Labyrinth with the Minotaur and the story of Icarus. Following our visit we head back to Heraklion in time to enjoy an optional visit the Archaeological Museum
Day 3 - Heraklion (Diktaion, Agios Nikolaos)
Crete is home to more than 3000 caves but the most legendary is the Diktaion cave, believed to be the birthplace of father of Zeus. Aside from its mythology the cave itself is breathtaking and features unusual rock formations, enormous stalactites and stalagmites and even a lake. Back in the light of day pay a visit to the delightful village of Agios Nikolaos, founded in the 14th century. Take some time to explore the traditional streets and enjoy a coffee in one of the cafes. We return to Heraklion late afternoon
Day 4 - Heraklion to Chania (via Rethimno)
We head west to the city of Rethimno and enjoy a walk at our leisure through one of the best preserved medieval cities in Greece. It exhibits Venetian fortifications, orthodox and catholic churches, mosques, and majestic mansions. During WWII German soldiers fought against a combination of Greek and Australians in the Battle of Rethymno. After exploring the little streets of this coastal town we continue on to the charming city of Chania and our base for the rest of your adventure. We have time to take a guided tour of the Old Town discovering local hangouts and the colourful streets
Day 5 - Chania
Today we immerse ourselves in Cretan cuisine participating in a hands on cooking experience with our delightful friends Anna and Eleni at the Soul Cooking Workshop. Here we will learn how to make Crete’s most beloved snack, the Kalitsounia. Sometimes sweet, sometimes savoury, sometimes filled with cheese and always delicious these tasty little pastries are a delight to all. The rest of the evening is free for your own exploration before we share our last dinner together in this lovely location
Day 6 - depart Chania
Departure day from Chania at your own convenience. If you’d like to spend more time exploring Crete we can arrange additional accommodation (subject to availability)

Trip Options

Single Travellers:EUR€340Details
Extra Accommodation: Single EUR€150Details
Double EUR€150


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