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Crete - A Joy to Behold

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Crete is Greece's largest island and encompasses beautiful sandy beaches and exhilarating mountains. The capital Heraklion exhibits a plethora of historical sites such as the Palace of Knossos and the world famous Archaeological Museum which houses Minoan artefacts. It is an often overlooked and seldom enjoyed paradise for the curious traveller. Crete will surprise and tantalise you

The island is resplendent with monuments ancient and modern such as Bronze age, Greek and Venetian histories all working to reflect the ancient civilizations that ruled the Mediterranean for eons. Crete was important battleground in the Second World War as well. We take in all there is to offer including the distinctive cuisine and ever present vibrant dances that have been passed down through the ages. And after all of that why not a dip in the turquoise waters of the ‘true’ Mediterranean

7 Day Itinerary
Departure:15th October 2022(Saturday to Friday)


Day 1 - arrive Athens
Arrival day in Athens and we recommend for those in early a visit to the stunning new Acropolis Museum as well as the Acropolis site itself. This evening after a group meeting we will enjoy dinner in the Plaka neighbourhood
Day 2 - Athens to Heraklion (fly)
We take a morning flight to Heraklion the capital of Crete and check into our base for our stay in this bustling port town. On arrival we will visit the world renowned archaeological museum of Heraklion. Then a walk on the ancient Venetian walls before immersing ourselves in the historical centre of the town. We will take in views of the market, loggia, the Koules fortress and the Saint Titus church. The afternoon is free for more exploration
Day 3 - Heraklion (Elounda, Spinalonga)
This morning we drive to Elounda which was once a picturesque fishing village in the lovely Mirabello Bay. We sail to Spinalonga where we tour the island and have time for swim. The island is an arid and barren rocky islet with an area of 8.5 hectares lying at the mouth of the natural port of Elounda. Due to its strategic location, it was fortified and served a variety of roles and purposes over the centuries. In 1579 the Venetians built a mighty fortress here on the ruins of an ancient acropolis. Our visit today is to enjoy the most popular archaeological site in Crete other than Knossos. On the way back to our base we may have time for a coffee at Agios Nikolaos
Day 4 - Heraklion (Knossos, Phaestos, Gortys)
This morning we visit Knossos, considered Europe's oldest city and the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete. We enjoy a guided visit of the ruins unlocking the secrets of this astonishing ancient site. According to tradition, it was the seat of the legendary king Minos. The Palace is also connected with legends, such as the myth of the Labyrinth with the Minotaur, and the stories of Daidalos and Icaros. The Minoan Civilization built many beautiful palaces and Phaistos, in the fertile valley of Messara, was the second biggest one. After a visit to the Phaistos palace we continue through the valley to the ruins of ancient town of Gortys. We will be impressed by ruins of the Saint Titos basilica, built as a copy of Saint Sofia cathedral in Constantinople. Inside of the Odeon’s walls are written the “Code of Gortys”, which constitute the first known legislative system from ancient Greece
Day 5 - Heraklion to Chania (Rethymnon)
We head west today to the city of Rethymnon spending time comparing the old and new sides of this regional locale. Here we have one of the best preserved medieval cities in Greece with Venetian fortifications, orthodox and catholic churches, mosques, and majestic mansions surrounded by cobbled paths which create a magical atmosphere. A more modern history relates to WWII when German soldiers fought against a combination of Greek and Australians in the Battle of Rethymno in 1941. We continue on in the afternoon to the town of Chania the second largest city in Crete
Day 6 - Chania
Chania’s Old Town is resplendent with maze like alleys, beautiful Venetian mansions, fountains and the elaborate churches. It was the former capital city of Crete from 1847-1972. Today it is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Greece and for food lovers, it is a paradise. We enjoy a fascinating tour of the old and new towns admiring the different architectural styles on show. Our final day is broken up by a wonderful winery visit and incudes wine tasting in the countryside at Manousakis. Returning to Chania we have a last evening together in this gorgeous location
Day 7 - depart Chania
Departure day from Chania where we can assist with your arrangements back to Heraklion or Athens and beyond

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