Many travellers have requested over the years that we operate similar style journeys to other destinations around the globe. Egypt is one of them!

Boasting many wonders of the Ancient World, Egypt holds our fascination from an early age. We spend time exploring these wonders in the Nile Valley and include a Felucca journey from Aswan. Pyramids, Luxor and Pharaohs tombs are all on the agenda as well as the majesty of Abu Simbel. We will also spend time discovering the secrets of the Sinai and St Katherine's Monastery. An additional week add on will be available to visit the Siwa oasis and the famed coastal port of Alexandria. Winter months. Climate is hot and dry most of the year. Expect some cool nights during this period. A sample itinerary would include the following destinations and inclusions is shown below.

15 Day Itinerary

This will most likely be a 15 day itinerary. An additional 7 day Alexandria and Siwa Oasis add on will be available.

Day 1-2 - Cairo
This astonishing city houses the famed Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The Cairo museum is a wonder of its own with Tutankhamen’s treasure on display
Day 3 - Cairo to Aswan on train
We take an overnight train from Cairo to Aswan to ease into our Egyptian experience
Day 4-6 - Aswan
Aswan is the base for our visit to Abu Simbel and also the starting point for our felucca cruise on the Nile.
Day 7-8 - Luxor
Home to the Valley of the Kings. Kings and Pharaohs of legend and stature are buried in the hills. Our donkey trek into the valley sets the pace for our visit to the tombs. You will never forget your visit to the Karnak Temple. Its grandeur is unsurpassable.
Day 9 - Mt Sinai
We have an opportunity to climb Mt Sinai and view the fabled St Katherine's Monastery
Day 10-12 - Nuweiba
We take time in Nuweiba for some beach relaxation and coral diving. Snorkel and dive breathtaking coral reefs or grab a good book and soak up the rays on the beach
Day 13-14 - Alexandria
Egypt’s historical port on the Mediterranean. A stunning finish to our Egyptian Advnture
Siwa is the site of a lush Oasis in the western deserts. Famous for its date palms and olives it is a true taste of desert life. Berbers, camels and starry nights in the dunes

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