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Bangladesh Encounter

Exotic. Untouched. Remote. Bangladesh is like no other travel experience. Test the senses!

This is an authentic adventure through one of the worlds most misunderstood destinations. Commonly referred to as a ‘basket case’ complete with floods, poverty and natural disaster, Bangladesh is in reality a breath of fresh travel air. Bangladesh provides the traveller with an opportunity to discover a culture in its purest form. Circumstances have placed this region of Asia in amongst some of the more travelled tourist destinations of the world. Yet it remains astonishingly untouched. The people are wonderfully curious and not at all shy in sharing their day with you.

There are natural features that will astound you such as the beautiful Kaptai lake, the Sunderbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world and the longest stretch of beach sand on this good earth. And to chug along the huge rivers and small backwaters in the ageing and rustic ‘rocket’ boats is to experience the land as it has been travelled for eons.

However the monuments you will find come in the form of a handshake, a conversation over a locally brewed “char”, and the purity of a smile that comes from the genuine pleasure of contact in a land that seems to have passed by the indifference the outside world. Bangladesh will challenge you. It could very well make you remember why you travel and remind you what the world holds in store for you. You may find that this is indeed the kind of destination you have sought all along.

*Please note that Rangamati and Bandarban and the Chittagong hilltracts in general are periodically closed to foreigners. It is pot luck whether we will be able to visit either or any of these two destinations. Global Drift will monitor the situation and make an informed decision on the ground. Should both areas be closed we intend to visit the tea estates in the Sylhet region

What People Are Saying

"I can still see all the colours. Bangladesh offers so much, the friendliest people, astounding variety of transport, great food, lively markets and wonderful waterways on amazing boats. Photo opportunities abound around every corner. Highlights were the ship breaking at Chittagong, the narrow bustling streets of Old Dhaka, overnight on the "Rocket" steamer and 'dropping' in on a family wedding to be welcomed like royalty. Bangladesh is authentic and untouched and the people are incredibly welcoming"
Chris Murray, Canberra, Australia

14 Day Itinerary
Departure:24th November 2024(Sunday to Saturday)


Day 1 - arrive Dhaka
Arrival day (no activities planned)
Day 2 - Dhaka onto overnight ‘Rocket’ Steamer
This morning we savour the sights and sounds of this bustling city. Rickshaws are the main way to travel and we will see many resplendent with the colourful displays of painted scenes from history, cinema and wildlife. No respectable rickshaw driver would settle for less than the brightest designs. We also have time to view some wonderful museums and architecture or immerse yourself in the riverside bustle of the market. Bangladesh is a land of rivers and much of the local life is centred around the water. What better way to experience this than from the “Rocket”, a classic paddle steamer. Your local cuisine is prepared by the crew and your overnight cabins are ready! An amazing river journey awaits
Day 3 - Mongla and overnight onto our Sunderbans Cruiser
On arrival into Moralganj we disembark and travel by road Mongla where we board our cruiser boat and continue into the vast expanse of mangroves. We enjoy our first night on board in the Sunderbans mangrove forest giving us a greater chance to view the animal and birdlife and perhaps the elusive Bengal Tiger that still roams the region
Day 4 - Sunderbans Cruiser
The Sunderbans is the largest littoral mangrove belt in the world and they stretch more than 80kms into Bangladesh's interior, providing a sanctuary for a wide variety of extraordinary wild life. We explore the area using our boat and launches. We also travel up small canals and creeks by row boat to see the forest and wild life up close. There are other activities to enjoy such as hiking in the forest or maybe enjoying fishing with a traditional rod. We may also have the opportunity to see local fishing with trained otters
Day 5 - Sunderbans Cruiser to Khulna
Returning to shore we hope to have time to visit the ancient ruins of Bagerhat on the road north. We continue on to the city of Khulna which began as an old river port on the Rupsha River. We can perhaps finish the day with a visit to one of the local cinemas to see a Bangla Blockbuster “Dhakawood” style
Day 6 - Khulna to Chittagong
We drive north to the terminus town of Jessore. Depending on timings we catch our flight (not included*) to Chittagong arriving to explore the bustling city in the evening *The internal flight from Jessore to Chittagong on Day 5 is not included in the tour cost. You will pay for this on the ground. The cost should be in the vicinity of U$100-120. Your group leader will collect the payment in Dhaka
Day 7 - Chittagong to Rangamati or Bandarban
This morning we plan to visit the interesting 'Tribal Cultures of Bangladesh' museum. Perhaps you may wish to wander out to the ship’s graveyard and visit the swarms of workers stripping down sea craft from small boats to the largest of ocean liners and tankers. Truly an amazing sight. We travel in the afternoon and enjoy a very picturesque drive up to Rangamati or Bandarban
Days 8-9 - Rangamati and/or Bandarban
In Rangamati we plan to stay on the shores of the lake and find ourselves guests of the Chakma people. We will enjoy a taste of the culture and way of life of these lake peoples. Possible activities include a boat trip on emerald blue water of Kaptai Lake, visit a Buddhist temple, tribal markets and the Chakma king’s palace. In Bandarban we plan to visit nearby Bhom and Marma tribal villages. This remote tribal area provides stunning mountain views and access to villages that are well off any tourist trail
Day 10 - Rangamati and/or Bandarban to Cox’s Bazar
If possible we drive to Chimbuk, which is the highest accessible place in Bangladesh by car. We may also be fortunate and able to visit a nearby Mru tribal village. On the way back we can take shower at Shailapropat waterfall. After lunch we will drive on to our resort accommodation in Cox’s Bazar. We may decide to spend the evening on the longest sea beach in the world and enjoy the sunset
Day 11 - Cox’s Bazar
We take zippy speedboats over to the remote island of Maheskhali which has a mixture of Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim residents. Time to visit the remote Hindu ashram and the hilltop stupa, which commands fantastic views of the island. We return to have the afternoon to explore the beach and shops which attract all and sundry as the preferred holiday destination of the country
Day 12 - Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka (via Chittagong)
The morning is free but there is any number of great options. As we are quite remote we can visit age-old fishing communities that have existed as they have for hundreds of years. We may decide to spend time at the beach in Cox’s. Other options include a visit to the legendary Himchari beach, the local fish market, a Buddhist pagoda and the Burmese market. So much to see and do. This evening we return to Chittagong to catch the express train to Dhaka
Day 13 - Dhaka
We have a full day to explore the city and time for an afternoon of last minute shopping and fun. Our farewell dinner will give us an opportunity to reminisce about our experiences in one of the world’s last unspoiled destinations
Day 14 - depart Dhaka
Departure day

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