Happy Travellers?  Sounds like it!

A big thank you to all of our friends who have "Drifted" with us before.  We know we will see you again.

We are proud of what we do.  Guess you can tell that!

“I’ve known Ian for many years and have always been impressed with his passion for travel and love of people. My family and I travelled with Ian in Burma a few years back and it was a constant delight to share in his enthusiasm for the wonderful people and places of Burma. We met many of his local friends and gained a fabulous insight into the country. The ethics of travel to Burma are complex - but if you decide to go, then I can think of no better operator than Global Drift.”
Darrell Wade, co-founder Intrepid Travel

"Having traveled with groups almost everywhere in Asia over the last 10 years, Asia is unique as most of you will know. Still Burma beats all the other countries by far. The people are amazing, warm and friendly, curious and always smiling. The Landscape is beautiful, the sites like Bagan stunning and the guys from Global Drift make travel in Burma a real pleasure, don't miss it!!!"
Conrad Renner, Germany

"I would never have ventured to a place like Burma on my own - but with Global Drift I felt safe and secure, and I was impressed by the fact there were a combination of local and western guides. They demonstrated an extraordinary level of knowledge, respect and sensitivity for the culture, and went to extraordinary lengths to ensure our tourism dollars benefited the local people and not the government.”
Penelope Smith, Australia

"Don’t consider your life complete without seeing, tasting, feeling, Burma. It’s a photographer’s paradise. The people’s smiles will melt your soul.  Burma was a secret box of surprises, but Global Drift was the key. Warm hearted, generous, gracious, friendly and bigger than life; and that was just our exceptional guide. Go there! You’ll never be the same."
Brendan Lawlor, Ireland

“I was apprehensive about going to Burma because of what I had heard in the media and because I just thought that there were a lot of other places in the world I would prefer to go to.
How wrong could I be?  My 15 day "three star" trip to Burma turned out to be one of the most beautiful travel experiences I could ever have hoped for.  Just a wonderful place with wonderful people.  Congratulations to our tour operator "Global Drift" for showing us and giving us a true feel for the 'real' Burma.”
Dianne Djokovic, Australia

“I wanted to get underneath the skin of Burma and avoid contact with the ‘inky fingers’ of the state.  Global Drift served me very well indeed. I went home with a clear conscience and some great memories of encounters with warm people both within our party and of course in all our travels.”
Steve Powell, United Kingdom

"Global Drift and their ever helpful guide introduced me to a wide spectrum of Burmese culture and places of interest. The smiles of the friendly locals were as radiant as the Golden temples.”
Neville Phillips, Australia

“To see and experience the real Myanmar, Global Drift is the way to go.  Our tour through Myanmar wasn't just a holiday it was a memorable cultural experience.  Our leader's love and respect for this unique country and its people was truly infectious.  Global Drift have many contacts throughout the country, this together with having a Burmese guide gave us rare insight that few other tourists would experience.  We developed some lifelong friendships with like minded travellers and Global Drift is now on the top of our list for future travel.  So long and thanks for all the snacks!”
Kevin Jarman, Australia

"Burma is a photographer's dream.  From the beautiful temples and pagodas to the friendly smiles of the Burmese people......Global Drift and their knowledgeable and friendly Burmese guides Wai Lin and Thandar Aung are the best.....your trip to Burma will never be forgotten."
Bob Dyke, Canada

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