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***Up and Coming Journeys***

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Ladakh and the Remote Indian Himalaya

Ladakh is a place unique in its beauty and unparalleled in its serenity. We experience an amazing blend of Tibetan, Indian and remote Himalayan communities in some of the harshest yet most beautiful landscapes in the world

(23 Jul 2022)

Canada and Alaska’s Wild West

***NEW TOUR***

Western Canada and Alaska have for eons called out to adventurers. The song of the west, the lure of gold and a better life.  We take in the stunning scenery of the Inside Passage by ferry as we head to settlements and communities that are now thriving locations on the frontiers edge

(6 Aug 2022)

Papua New Guinea (with Mount Hagen or Goroka Show)

Many travellers have requested over the years that we operate similar style journeys to other destinations around the globe. Papua New Guinea is one of the most requested!


(7 Aug 2022)

Purely Peru

Peru is extraordinarily rich in culture and offers fine food and folklore. A destination of wonders with an ancient historical legacy. This county has it all, glorious coastlines, sweeping highlands and a teeming jungles

(18 Aug 2022)

Peru Galapagos Adventure

Join us for the ultimate combination of Andes and Animals! Start with an exciting week of acclimatization in Arequipa, Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca. Then it’s off on the ancient Inca stronghold of Machu Picchu. Add to this an amazing immersion into the wildlife heaven of the Galapagos Islands. This all makes for a truly remarkable journey

(18 Aug 2022)

Burma Explorer

Burma is the travel experience of a lifetime. Stunning sights coupled with the friendliest people around. Your journey takes in the vibrant lake communities of Inle and the Shan Plateau, the cultural diversity of Mandalay city and the archaeological splendour of Bagan


(21 Aug 2022)

The Camino De Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is one of the most famous pilgrimages in the world. It is a triumph of sprit and will. We can help you achieve this sought after goal not only walking the path but enjoying the best of the culture, food and wine the region has to offer

(21 Aug 2022)

Turkey Revealed

***NEW TOUR***

Turkey has existed in many forms for the longest time and always as a bridge between two worlds. The modern, progressive west of Europe and the exotic, traditional and mystical Asia to the east. It is an intoxicating and challenging destination one that all travellers should experience

(4 Sep 2022)

Bhutan - Shangri La Found

The last of the Himalayan Buddhist Kingdoms remains elusive to the casual traveller. With its official policy of ‘Gross National Happiness’ and the limitations it places on those fortunate enough to make the journey, Bhutan holds a special mystique. Come explore this wonderful hidden gem

(5 Sep 2022)

Tasmania's Great Walks

***NEW TOUR***

Tasmania is a truly beautiful place with dense forests, exquisite lakes and mountains to take your breath away.  We walk many of its back country trails and remote regions as well as inserting some respite time exploring the charming city of Hobart

(6 Sep 2022)

Italy Family Adventure - Living Italian

Ever wanted to live in Italy and take the kids along? This tour puts you in an apartment in the ancient walled town of Tuscany. We couple this with time in the stunning Italian Lakes. After your Tuscan experience you can savour the southern coastal town of Amalfi. Live Italian!

(18 Sep 2022)

The Burma Road - Mandalay to Yunnan

The fabled Burma Road stirs the emotions of all who have come to know of the brutal and hazardous battles of WWII. Today it is a link between the powerhouse of China and the struggling pariah nation of Burma. There are very few places in the world where two such vastly different cultures meet head on as each finds in way in this ever changing new world

(1 Oct 2022)

Secrets of Morocco

Morocco is a kaleidoscope of colour, chaos, culture and cuisine. There are beautiful beaches, lush valleys and evocative old cities.  Add to this the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert this journey has something for all erstwhile travellers

(2 Oct 2022)

Albania - Europe's Hidden Treasure

***NEW TOUR***

Located in the west of the Balkan Peninsula on the Adriatic sea Albania remains one of Europe’ s least known destinations. This safe and incredibly beautiful country has an amazing history and boasts endless examples of Europe’s great cultural influences (Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman)

(2 Oct 2022)

Tastes of Tuscany – An Italian Indulgence

Tuscany is the buzz word for Italian food and wine. We immerse ourselves in the lives of local Italians in the compact medieval town of Lucca. Quaint cobbled streets and a wall that remains intact from the region’s turbulent history give you a sense of timeless Italian life.  Saluté!

(3 Oct 2022)

Crete - A Joy to Behold

***NEW TOUR***

Crete is Greece's largest island and encompasses beautiful sandy beaches, exhilarating mountains and a plethora of historical sites. It is an often overlooked and seldom enjoyed paradise for the curious traveller

(13 Oct 2022)

Tapas y Vino – A Spanish Indulgence

From Spain’s vibrant capital Madrid to the vinelands of Rioja.  Add a medieval village in the mountains and forests of Galicia.  We invite you to join us as we explore gourmet Spain beyond paella and sangria.  Salud!

(14 Oct 2022)

The Silk Road - Xian to Kashgar

The Silk Road is the stuff of legend. Of all the trade routes in history this one conjures up the most vivid images of mystery and intrigue. For centuries the route has been frequented by resolute traders, invaded by roaming hordes and sprinkled with fragrant spices. Starting at the Road’s beginning in Xian we finish up in the classic traders market of Kashgar.

(15 Oct 2022)

Cuba - la Fiesta!

An enigma for many years Cuba is taking its first small steps toward becoming part of the global community. It is the largest island in the Caribbean but possibly the least affected by tourism. The feeling is that Cuba is changing which is why we strongly recommended you join us now on this interactive and grass roots journey

(5 Nov 2022)

Bangladesh Encounter

Exotic. Untouched. Remote. Bangladesh is like no other travel experience. Authentic adventure awaits through one of the world’s most misunderstood destinations. Bangladesh is a breath of fresh air. Travel the way it was meant to be

(13 Nov 2022)

Gems of Central America

Our journey unlocks this mysterious and remote part of the Americas.  Geographically there is an abundance of volcanoes and as such the soil contains rich mineral nutrients resulting in one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world

(19 Nov 2022)

Rajasthan and the Mystical North

One can never fully comprehend the mass of humanity and stimulus that is India.  Join us on an amazing assault on your senses through fabled Rajasthan and completing your journey in the pulsating super metropolis of Mumbai

(20 Nov 2022)

Costa Rica’s Rainforest and Wildlife

A wonderland of stunning vistas and astounding wildlife diversity. Over 25% of the land enjoys protected status and the beauty of the ancient rainforest harbours some of the world’s most intriguing species

(30 Nov 2022)

Kerala and the Spicy South

The hottest Indian destination is hotting up! An amazing mix of Spice and Temples, Hill stations and Elephants, vibrant streets and gently meandering houseboats. India’s south is alive and waiting to enchant you

(3 Dec 2022)

Discover Sri Lanka

A timeless gem in the Indian Ocean. Lots of people talk about it. Many never taste it. Ancient kingdoms, Buddhist enclaves, lush rainforest, sandy beaches and elephants

(10 Dec 2022)

Indian Family Adventure - A Masala Encounter

India is the ultimate cultural family destination. We are exposed to a vibrant culture, visiting amazing sites and meeting a variety of local folk along the way. Our aim is to immerse ourselves and our families in the lives of many of our Indian friends

(26 Dec 2022)

Pushing Back Boundaries

Burma will continually amaze you. A comprehensive tour of the diversity of landscapes and people that populate the plateau and plains of Burma. Our journey south introduces you to many of Burma’s unseen highlights such as the Golden Rock pagoda and ‘Ol’ Moulmein’


(2 Jan 2023)

Burma Family Adventure - Journey of Discovery

Burma is the ultimate family destination. Time to explore, time to share in a unique culture, time to relax in the hills and the plains of this wonderful destination. Amazing sights and the friendliest people on earth

(8 Jan 2023)

New Zealand - The Long White Cloud

New Zealand presents an amazing panorama of magnificent mountain scenery, meandering rivers and coastal plains. We take the time to explore the cities of Auckland and Christchurch but immerse ourselves in the pristine countryside

(21 Jan 2023)

Burma Backroads

A genuine adventure! This journey is for those who crave a deeper understanding of the back country people and the untouched vistas of Burma. We delve into the remote un touristed regions of this mysterious corner of Asia

(22 Jan 2023)

“Get Your Kicks” - Route 66

***NEW TOUR***

The spirit of Route 66 is hard to pin down.  Isn’t it just a road? The answer is intangible as the Route means so much to so many

(4 Feb 2023)

Indian Cricketing Pilgrimage

More play and watch the game of cricket in India than any other nation.  Cricket unites Indians better than any creed can ever do.  The Test arena takes the form of a battlefield with heaving crowds cheering on their ‘god like’ heroes.  Join in the fun

(Feb 2023)

Classic Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar Trek

Mount Everest is the highest on the planet but the views are not the only thing. This trek is about so much more. The joy of the clean air, the banter with Sherpas and porters on the trail and the phenomenal scenery that has a life of is own. And yes, the pancakes!

(1 Apr 2023)

Magical Madagascar

Madagascar is a destination unlike any other.  Journey with us to this remote magical land and discover its uniqueness with us

(14 May 2023)

China Encompassed

China Encompassed is an exceptional blend of natural and man made wonders that will leave you feeling like you have seen it all.  This journey takes you from north to south starting from China's pulsating heart in Beijing to the quiet backwaters and small village feel of Yangshuo

(3 Jun 2023)

Gems of the Baltic's and Northern Europe

Journey through some of the less travelled regions of North Eastern Europe and cap our journey off with two of the most stunning cities in the western world. Krakow and Prague. Destinations that reflect to best of classical European culture, architecture and medieval history

(29 Jul 2023)

Euro Football Extravaganza

There is no doubting the world game. Played by more, watched by most, Football commands the attention of the entire planet. Our tour immerses you in three of the most vibrant and arguably best leagues in the world. We choose games from England's Premier League, Spain's La Liga, Italy's Serie A, Germany’s Bundesliga and Russia’s Premier League

(6 Jan 2024)


Travel has had a pause as the world waits for the pandemic to run its course. We get it and like most have followed the responsible path and been respecting protocols. Along the way we have been scratching our very large travel itch.

However, we have spent the time researching, planning and rejigging and intend to be very ready as the world opens up in 2021.

We appreciate your patience and intend to reward you with a wide range of new tours as well as some of our old favourite destination journeys in bright and shiny updated versions.

Keep an eye on our plans and we will update you in the usual ways when we are all ready to go.

Buckle up! It doesn’t feel like we are that far away…

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